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This book provides you with a rare opportunity to learn the secrets behind the development program at Manchester City’s Academy for Pep Guardiola’s Methodology and game model.

In this book you can:

Learn the Manchester City Academy Development Program and Methodology.

  • Implement Manchester City's key actions and patterns to develop players capable of playing for a Pep Guardiola team.
  • Practice and apply Manchester City Academy’s exact game principles and training methods from Darren’s training sessions, which never change.
  • Learn how Manchester City produce their highly successful, dominant, and consistent style of play with 17 Manchester City Academy Training Sessions (68 Practices).

Manchester City Academy Game Principles:

  • Play Your Position (the ball comes to you, don’t go to the ball)
  • Short Build-up Play from the GK with Full Backs Pushed Up
  • Possession with a Purpose – Create Overloads + Break Lines
  • Midfielders Initiate Combination Play (Rotations)
  • Control to Create Opportunities to Score
  • Play Through the Centre (Penetration) and Wide (Crossing)
  • Aggressive High Press to Win Possession Quickly or Force Mistakes
  • Create Numerical Superiority in All Transition Moments in the Game

17 Training Sessions (68 Practices) Topics:

  • Build-up Phase 1: Short Build-up Play from the GK
  • Build-up Phase 2: Midfield Combination Play
  • Build-up Phase 3: Finishing the Attack (Final Third)
  • Pressing from the Front
  • Defending in Midfield
  • Defending Around the Box

Manchester City Academy Practice Examples:

  • Break Past Opponent and Play Final Pass in a Technical Triangle Drill with Finish
  • Play Inside and Outside to Break the Line in a 3v3 (+2) Directional Possession Game
  • Game Related Position Specific Attacking Overloads in a Functional Practice with Channels
  • Pressing from the Front to "Set the Trap" in a Dynamic 6v8 (+GK) Phase of Play
  • Break Lines and Create Attacking Overloads in a Position Specific 7v7 (+GKs) 2-Zone SSG
  • Pressing from the Front & Defending Through the Thirds in a Multi-Zone End to End Game

Pep Guardiola Full Book Contents

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