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This innovative book reveals how the best teams and coaches in the world score goals, and provides you with ready-made training sessions to coach your team to be more efficient in creating chances and scoring goals.

All of the 304 Goals from the Group Stage of the 2022/23 Champions League season were viewed and analysed and then classified into key categories:

  • Type of Goal
  • Type of Assist
  • Pitch Zone of Assist
  • Pitch Zone Where Goals are Scored
  • Tactical Aspect for Each Goal Scored

This is invaluable information because we can determine how and where most goals were created from, and where they are finished from, which can be applied into your training sessions to maximise the efficiency of your team to score more goals.

Teams included in the Data-Driven Analysis: Manchester City, Inter, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Napoli, Liverpool, PSG, and FC Barcelona, showing real match examples of these top UEFA Champions League teams' goals for the relevant data statistics.

Pep Guardiola Full Book Contents


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