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Key Benefits of this Book for Coaches:

  • Strategic Planning: Learn to plan engaging and progressively challenging warm up practices tailored to your team's needs.
  • Targeted Preparation: Discover how to adapt warm ups for specific training days to prime players physically and mentally.
  • Alignment with Objectives: Seamlessly integrate warm ups with session objectives, incorporating conditioning, technical skills, and mental readiness.
  • Injury Prevention: Reduce the risk of injuries by using the correct warm up types and intensity for specific training days.
  • Motivation and Performance: Keep players motivated and enhance individual and team performance.


Learn How to Improve Player/Team Performance:

  • Maximise Warm Up Time: Make the most of the crucial 10-15 minutes with varied and effective warm up practices.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Different types of warm ups for resistance, speed endurance, reaction, and pre-match activation are needed to address various aspects of player readiness.
  • Physical Preparation: Prepare players for the physical demands of the session/game, including directional changes, sprints, and jumps.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Encourage growth, physical adaptation, and sustained improvement suitable for all levels – from youth to professional.

Included Practice Examples:

  • Resistance: "Crossfire" Passing, Agility, and Speed 4-Corners Technical Warm Up
  • Speed Endurance: Progressive Overload Speed and Agility Exercises Circuit Training
  • Reaction Speed: Passing and Reactions for Speed Work in a 4-Grid Warm Up
  • Activation: Dynamic "Stop & Go" Speed Work with Changes of Direction Warm Up

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