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In this book you will learn how to:

  • Design training sessions and plan the training week (102 Practices included)
  • Use a methodological approach and training plan to produce optimum conditioning, low injury rates, and high performance
  • Make sure your players are always prepared correctly and perform at their maximum level on match day

The Football Periodization to Maximise Performance methodology:

  • Enhance coaches’ knowledge of high performance and coaching
  • Improve player performance and gain a competitive advantage
  • Maximise the training time and efficiency of the coaching process
  • Game model: Link the technical, tactical and physical details of the game
  • Maximising the use of specific training games and practices in the training week
  • Show the actual demands imposed on players in training
  • Training load management and reducing injury risk
  • How to design training sessions
  • Planning the flow of the training week to maximise performance
  • Tapering strategy = players arrive in optimal condition for the match!
  • Adaptable training week model for Pro, Semi-pro, Academy and Youth


The Training Week (based on Pro Level):

  • SUNDAY/MONDAY (1/2 Days Until Match) = Recovery
  • TUESDAY (4 Days Until Match) = Positional Principle Training and Resistance
  • WEDNESDAY (3 Days Until Match) = Collective Team Principle Training and Speed Endurance
  • THURSDAY (2 Days Until Match) = Unit Principle Training and Reaction Speed Development
  • FRIDAY (1 Day Until Match) = Pre-Match Activation Training Day
  • * Training week plans for Semi-pro, Youth Academy, and Grassroots (Youth) also included

102 Practices Included:

  • Resistance, Speed Endurance, and Reaction Speed Warm-Up Practices
  • Intensive and Extensive Technical Practices
  • Resistance Conditioning Practices
  • Resistance, Speed Endurance, and Reaction Speed Conditioning Practices
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sided Possession Games
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sided Games

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