Italian Academy Training Sessions Book for U11-14 - A Complete Coaching Program

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Print: COLOUR | Practices: 80 | Sessions: 12 | Age: U11-14 |

DESCRIPTION: Italian Academy Training Sessions for


A Complete Soccer Coaching Program 

from the Academies of the Italian Serie A

Soccer Italian Style coaches Mirko Mazzantini (AFC Fiorentina) and Simone

Bombardieri (Empoli FC) are both professional football coaches and in this book

provide a full soccer training program from their top Italian Serie ‘A’ academies.

This book contains 12 complete soccer training sessions detailing over 80 practices

and progressions as used in the academies of the Serie ‘A’. Each session focuses on

technical or tactical elements of training and are structured “from simple practices to

more complex game situations”. This outlines a complete program of training across the

12 sessions.

The 12 sessions (over 80 practices) cover the following attributes:

Technical training; passing and receiving, quick combination play, possession, ball

control and dribbling, 1 v 1’s, feints and moves to beat, crossing, finishing, shooting and

heading, football specific conditioning with and without the ball, coordination,

acceleration, speed, and agility training.

Tactical training; game situations, tactical small sided games, phase of plays, creating

space and improving game intelligence, possession play, attacking combinations,

Psycho-Kinetics (Think and Act Quickly), quick transitional play, defensive positioning,

set plays, build-up play from the back and more.

Most of the practices cleverly structured for “global training” which means working on

more than one attribute at the same time. This is valid for all players, with drills and

exercises for specific roles (Attackers, midfielders and defenders).

There are also numerous variations for many of the practices, meaning that the 12

sessions can be repeated again and again providing great practices for any coach to

produce academy level training sessions.

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