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Metodická kniha v anglickom jazyku. Prípravné a herné cvičenia -  Vicente Del Bosque, Unai Emery, Rafael Benitez a Luis Enrique

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Del Bosque, Emery, 
Benitez & Luis Enrique

Practices and Training Sessions
Learn and use the very same practices & sessions direct from Vicente Del Bosque, Unai Emery, Rafael Benitez and Luis Enrique

This book gives you a rare opportunity to use training drills and sessions direct from some of the world's most renowned and successful football coaches: Vicente Del Bosque, Unai Emery, Rafael Benitez and Luis Enrique.

The 50 Practices included were used by these 4 coaches during their time at Real Madrid, Arsenal, Paris St Germain, Napoli, Roma and FC Barcelona.

This book also includes interviews from the coaches about their training philosophy, as well as tactical analysis of their teams.

50 Practices, Tactical Analysis and Coach Interviews from 4 World Renowned Coaches
Vicente Del Bosque

Vicente Del Bosque (15 Practices)

  • Vicente Del Bosque Interview
  • 2 Real Madrid Passing Practices
  • 4 Full Real Madrid Training Sessions (13 Practices)
Unai Emery

Unai Emery (16 Practices)

  • Unai Emery Interview
  • Unai Emery's Arsenal: A Tactical Analysis
  • 16 Practices: Possession Games, Attacking Combination Play Practices, Finishing Practices and Small Sided Games (Arsenal & PSG)
Rafael Benitez

Rafael Benitez (10 Practices)

  • Rafael Benítez Interview
  • 2 Rafael Benítez Tactical Examples (Liverpool)
  • 2 Full Napoli Training Sessions (10 Practices)


Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique (9 Practices)

  • Luis Enrique's Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis
  • 1 Roma Training Session (5 Practices)
  • 4 Barcelona Practices


Learn and use the very same practices & sessions direct from Vicente Del Bosque, Unai Emery, Rafael Benitez and Luis Enrique
Vicente Del Bosque, Unai Emery, Rafael Benitez and Luis Enrique
  • 116 Pages
  • 7 Sessions
  • 50 Practices
  • U12-Pro Level


Contents in this Book include:

  • Vicente Del Bosque Interview
  • Vicente Del Bosque Real Madrid Passing Drills
  • Vicente Del Bosque 4 x Real Madrid Training Sessions (13 Practices)
  • Unai Emery Interview
  • Unai Emery's Arsenal: A Tactical Analysis
  • Unai Emery 16 Practices
  • Rafael Benítez Interview
  • Rafael Benitez Tactical Examples - Attacking & Defending
  • Rafael Benitez 2 x Napoli Training Sessions (10 Practices)
  • Luis Enrique's FC Barcelona: A Tactical Analysis
  • Luis Enrique Roma Training Session (5 Practices)
  • Luis Enrique 4 x FC Barcelona Training Practices

Full Book Contents: Click Here


50 Practices include:

  • Del Bosque: Playing Forward Quickly in a 3 Zone 7 v 7 Small Sided Game
  • Emery: Attacking Combination with Overlap, Cut-Back, Finish + Rebound
  • Benitez: Passing Through the Lines in a Tactical Practice with Receiving Zones
  • Enrique: Various Tactical Situations in a Dynamic 3 Team Zonal Practice

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